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Rent God of War Collection for PlayStation 3

God of War Collection
God of War Collection for PlayStation 3
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 8.4 (5837 ratings)
Offline Players: 1
Game Console: PlayStation 3
Game Category: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/19/2009

Video Game Summary

NOTE: The code for the God of War III E3 demo is not included with rental or purchase of this title. Two acclaimed epics now have the same place to call home with the God of War Collection. Combining God of War and God of War II on one Blu-ray disc, the Collection follows the path of Kratos, a Spartan warrior determined to alter the unalterable - his own fate. Shape your destiny with two deadly blades and a ruthless drive to free yourself from the debt you owe the gods. Encounter legendary creatures and wield the powers of Olympus in a world ripped from the pages of Greek mythology. Each title has been revamped with hi-def, high-refresh-rate graphics geared for the PS3.

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