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Rent Smart Bomb for PSP

Smart Bomb
Smart Bomb for PSP
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 3.7 (376 ratings)
Offline Players: 4
Game Console: PSP
Game Category: Arcade & Puzzle
Release Date: 5/11/2005

Video Game Summary

Smart Bomb puts you and your PSP handheld in a frantic race against time and big booms as you try to diffuse smart bombs by solving difficult 3D puzzles. Each bomb is protected by tiers, which must be disabled to unlock the next tier. As you remove each tier you will get closer and closer to the detonator, which you must deactivate before moving onto the next smart bomb puzzle. Play by yourself in Story, Arcade, and Challenge modes. Or take on your friends in a four-player versus mode. Diffuse those bombs or go boom!

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