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The arrival of internet based game-rental services onto the gaming scene has revolutionized the game renting industry. No longer are gamers limited to the meager video game selection that local video stores typically have on their shelves. Online game rental services almost always stock a much larger selection of game titles. Local video stores generally can only afford to keep a limited amount of games in stock and these are usually restricted to just a tiny handful of the top hit game titles. One huge advantage that online video game rental services have is that they will typically stock a greater quantity of the more obscure game titles in addition to the popular games. No matter what game title you're looking for you'll typically have a much greater chance of finding it online than you will locally. This of course is great news to fans of rare and obscure imported Japanese video games!

Of course the biggest benefit to being able to rent games online is the convenience that online game rental services offer to gamers. No more driving to a video store only to find out that they’ve run out of the games you wanted - those days are now long gone! Now you can browse a huge inventory of games online from the comfort of your own home and choose from every possible game category ranging from action & adventure and role playing games to car racing, fighting games, sports games and many more. With an ultra-convenient online video game rental system you just add the games that you want to your online list and they're sent to you in the mail. The best game rental services such as ours will even cover the shipping both ways. Now that's a great features these days as we all know that shipping costs are steadily on the rise. Another benefit you'll find with the better internet-based videogame renting services is the absence of late fees or due dates. How many times have you gotten almost to the end of a game and had to take it back to the store and rent it again in order to finish it? Well you don't have to worry about that any longer, now you can keep the game as long as it takes to finish it and not pay an extra dime for the privilege!

Another benefit to being able to rent games online is that you can eliminate the unpleasant experience of buying a game and then finding that it's just not that fun. With an online renting service if you don’t enjoy the game you've rented you can simply send it back and get the next game on your list. And if you do love the game many video game rental services will allow you to keep it for a discounted price. Due to increased production costs videogame prices have been rising for years. Nowadays, some games cost as much to make as a big-budget movie and require an equivalently sized team of people to make them! Now you can make sure your money only goes toward the highest quality games because you'll have already tested it out for a fraction of the purchase price first to make sure it's worth every dollar.

One thing to consider which is a downside to a few people is that online services typically require payment by credit card. For those without a credit card renting locally is generally their only viable option.

There is also one disadvantage to renting by mail where renting locally proves to be superior. When you need to rent video games immediately, like for a party you’re throwing that night for instance, then a local video store is your only option. For this reason it’s a good idea to maintain a membership at a nearby video store. Of course don't be surprised if they don't have the games you want and if they do be sure to get those games back on time!

All things considered for most gamers online game rental is the superior option. From the vastly larger selection of games to the increased convenience of renting games by mail, online renting is really hard to beat.

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