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Rent Wacky World of Sports for Wii

Wacky World of Sports
Wacky World of Sports for Wii
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.2 (58 ratings)
Offline Players: 4
Game Console: Wii
Game Category: Sports
Release Date: 9/21/2009

Video Game Summary

You've never been called a Tuna Tosser. And you probably wouldn't be happy if you were...until now! Toss tuna, race furniture, iron clothes under insane conditions, and more in this collection of bizarre sports from around the world. Travel the globe and experience sports you never knew were possible in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, and beyond. See how far you can send a fish flying when you go Tuna Tossing. Take your armchair for a spin in Furniture Racing. Jump out of a plane and...do some ironing in Extreme Ironing. Whether you think of these events as sports, games, or something else entirely, they're all downright bizarre, and downright fun!

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