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Rent Monster Rancher 3 for PlayStation 2

Monster Rancher 3
Monster Rancher 3 for PlayStation 2
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 6.9 (138 ratings)
Offline Players: 1
Game Console: PlayStation 2
Game Category: Strategy & Sim
Release Date: 9/24/2001

Video Game Summary

Create, raise, and train your very own unique virtual monster, then match it up against competitors in battle. Featuring cartoon-style cel-shading, Monster Rancher 3 lets you make your own fighter from "scratch" by inserting any CD or DVD into your PS2. Then train and care for the monster to make it perform better in the ring. Of course, each monster has special traits and abilities, and when a creature is defeated, it leaves behind a "Heart Stone." The stone contains all the monster's special abilities and can be passed on to another, making for some interesting skill combinations. The game features a fast combat system and helpful tutorials which help players unlock game features.

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