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Rent Mr. Mosquito for PlayStation 2

Mr. Mosquito
Mr. Mosquito for PlayStation 2
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 5.4 (401 ratings)
Offline Players: 1
Game Console: PlayStation 2
Game Category: Strategy & Sim
Release Date: 3/12/2002

Video Game Summary

This unusual game puts you in the role of a thirsty mosquito on the hunt for blood. Hover above your victims and wait for a target area to appear, then suck just the right amount of blood while tracking your hosts' "Stress Meter." Make them mad, and they'll chase you with flailing hands and bug spray. Each level focuses on a particular family member. With 11 large levels set throughout the household and two play modes, this is one of the most original titles to come out of Japan.

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