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Rent Pikmin 2 for GameCube

Pikmin 2
Pikmin 2 for GameCube
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 8.5 (1151 ratings)
Offline Players: 2
Game Console: GameCube
Game Category: Strategy & Sim
Release Date: 8/31/2004

Video Game Summary

Get ready for action Pikmin fans! Captain Olimar has returned to the planet of the Pikmin. But this time our astronaut hero needs to collect enough doodads to pay off a massive debt! Aided by his new assistant, Olimar must corral, delegate, and direct the cute little Pikmin plant people to fight enemies, find treasure, spawn new Pikmin, and solve puzzles. New Pikmin are also here to help, along with the original yellow, blue, and red Pikmin. This time out, there is also no time limit! Immerse yourself in one of the most imaginative and surreal action-puzzlers of all time!

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