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Rent Wrath Unleashed for XBOX

Wrath Unleashed
Wrath Unleashed for XBOX
Rent for: $5.95  

Avg. Customer Rating: 5.6 (207 ratings)
Offline Players: 4
Game Console: XBOX
Game Category: Strategy & Sim
Release Date: 2/10/2004

Video Game Summary

Wrath Unleashed is a battle strategy game set in a fantasy world filled with massive monsters and magical beings. You will fight in battles between huge monsters, including giants, dragons and other imaginative beasts, over 30 in all, each with their own special powers and abilities. Head-to-head battles along with chess-like strategy will decide the ultimate winner in up to 4-player matches! Battles will rage across over 15 multiplayer maps and 12 single-player maps, with nine different terrain types and floating arenas.

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